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Letter of Thanks pt.1

Hi Mark,

I’ve put a short message on the HeathLive chat but want to thank you and your team at The Heath Gym for all that you’re doing during this horrendous time and for bringing the gym into my home. Your team’s contribution to helping me stay fit and healthy is really appreciated. “The Heath Leisure Suite Virtual Gym” has a certain ring to it!

Letter of Thanks pt.2

Thanks for setting up the Facebook Groups so quickly. It’s great to be able to keep in touch and be reminded of the friendly family community spirit of the gym. I look forward to the sense of normality the content brings. Straight away I followed your Abs Blast and did Mark G’s live Metafit class.

The content in your message promoting HeathLive was extremely warm, friendly, informative and really quite moving (although not surprising as these are some of the qualities I’ve grown accustomed to receiving from you).

I’ve now been checking HeathLive. I particularly enjoyed the Tips on Running chat you did with Darren. It contained lots of useful information but for me the key benefit was that it made me laugh (really short of humour at the moment yet it has so many health benefits). I’ve already done your AB Workout 2 a few times (and I’m paying for it now!), Darren’s Full Body Toning Workout, joined Mark’s weekly live Metafit classes and I’ve even tried one of Jenny’s Pilates videos! Looking at the many workout videos available I’ve planned a training schedule for myself. I’ve also tried a few of your recipes. I had to improvise a little due to food distribution problems but plan to follow more as food stocks continue to improve.

Can you pass on my thanks to Darren, Mark, Jenny and anyone else that has contributed?

Please also forward this note to the SOG management team as I would like them to be made aware of my appreciation for what you and your team are providing. Also I want to thank SOG for their investment in HeathLive as it’s providing a platform for me to access gym content which is extremely valuable given the situation we find ourselves in.

Keep up the good work and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all “on the other side”!

Take care and stay safe and well.


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