Here at the Heath Leisure Suite we’re delighted to have a Walking Football Group.

Understanding the importance of exercise, social interaction and mental health in the current pandemic has been massive for many people and we’re really happy to see our Walking Football Group growing and sticking together during these difficult times.

The Walking Football Group started in March 2019 with the idea of bringing men of a certain age together to help improve their fitness and well-being and offering something to our community that Runcorn didn’t already have.

After a few leaflet drops and Facebook posts we started to slowly build a group of fellas who meet up every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm for a friendly game of walking football.

Walking Football was originally designed to help get over 50’s back into football and increase their physical activity through rekindling their love for the game.

It’s a standard game of football where players walk instead of run and as it’s non-contact and slide tackles aren’t allowed so it reduces the chance of injury. I once joined in and was surprised how difficult it was not to run but still found it great fun!

Over recent years the popularity of Walking Football has increased and it’s now played by many individuals no matter what their age and fitness. The game has helped lots of individuals to get fit or maintain an active lifestyle. 

The sport also offers many mental health and social benefits by providing the opportunity to meet new people, avoid isolation and help interaction with individuals and small groups. 

During the recent lockdown the Walking Football Group had to stop playing due to the government guidelines. However when restrictions were eased and small groups were allowed to train outside they met up at the Heath Park on Sunday mornings to be coached by Alex Cannon from Stealth BJJ Cheshire to keep up their fitness and mental well-being during the difficult period.

They’ve secured a sponsorship deal with Inovyn and are looking at joining walking football competitions in the near future.

Keep it up lads!


Ritchie 53 – has given me a renewed energy and purpose. Physical and Mental well-being has increased dramatically and is the one part of the week I look forward to the most. Get a buzz that I haven’t felt for many years. Great bunch of lads that is inclusive for all.

Steve 67

Got told about it by brian( chopper). Always loved football and thought it would be a good way to get fit and loose some weight. Still loving it after 18 months, in part because they are a great bunch of lads and there is plenty of good hearted banter.

Seriously though.

Brian 58 I saw a plea for over 50s on Twitter to form a walking football team so just I went for it.

The hardest part is getting out of the house and making that first step.

I knew I was out of shape but I didn’t realise just how unfit I was.

Love it and all the guys are great too.

Terry 54 got told by Joe went along to see what it was all about great way to keep fit , look forward to Tuesday nights have a great time good banter really enjoy it, the lads are very welcoming.

😄best way ever to get socially active not forgetting the way allan kept us all going in the park due to lockdown he will have to do it again the way things are going me thinks but what a top bunch of loonies  luv it kev methusala 70

One of my best decisions to go along to walking football I went to get fit really but having been playing for almost 18 months I not only feel good mentally and physically but have met a great bunch of lads and look forward to our games every Tuesday and soon hopefully after this pandemic is over we can carry on with meeting up socially Ken 67