Joanne Fleming HSE Advisor at The Heath Business & Technical Park has been doing her bit to say thank you to our key workers.

“In a way to say thanks during Covid-19 Lockdown, me, my husband and youngest son worked with a local sports supplier 1895, and designed a limited edition rugby shirt. We arranged sales through the members, friends and family of our club – Eagle Community Rugby Club in Great Sankey (Warrington). Each person who bought a shirt also agreed to make an additional charity donation. We were delighted with the response and sold over 100 shirts which in turn raised £650.  

As we have members of the rugby club who work at the Warrington NHS Trust, it seemed natural for us to support them during this time.  So, a few weeks ago, the money raised was presented to NHS Nurse and one of our touch rugby players, Donna Dykes (pictured above).

We run the Eagle Community Touch Rugby section and have done this for just over 2 years.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, we were very concerned about the negative impact that the lockdown was having on some of our members, especially around the mental health and fitness factor. As restrictions were lifting, we could begin to work in player bubbles of 6, and we began to offer some fitness training sessions.

We are now back to playing our touch rugby sessions with the new controls, around Covid-19 prevention and continue to support all our players with their needs for fitness and to help them combat some of their mental health concerns”.