Ryan has a chat with Joanne Fleming to learn more about some new site rules being implemented to support the lockdown amendments coming into effect 1st June 2020.

This is for tenants only as public areas are still closed and will be addressed in a separate bulletin once we receive further easing of lockdown information.

Further information regarding the topics discussed

What do residents need to do in preparation for their RTW?Ensure that they follow the 6 Must Do’s (Heath’s RTW (Covid-19) Policy).
General information that residents will need to be aware of?Security (01928 51 5050) will be the 1st point of call
Additional cleaning continues throughout the day on communal areas such as toilets, staircase handrails, handles etc. (Touch Points)
Will the restaurant be re-opening?Not at the moment – we are planning but are waiting for the government’s guidance. There will be a safe area if people want to come and eat their packed lunch in the Events Hall, next to the Café at the Heath (12pm-2pm).
Is stores operating as normal?Stores is open for parcels and mail but throughout June, we will only deliver parcels once a day to each area. If you need to check if a parcel has been delivered, you can do so and then collect it yourself. Mail: ext: 3019 / Parcels: ext: 3452
Receptions are closed at the moment, so how do we bring in visitors?Call Security (5050), at least 24 hours in advance and then will coordinate this with you.
When will Conference Centre reopen?We can discuss venues from 1st June
Contact: conferencing@theheath.com
The Government has launched Test & Trace, can you tell us a bit more about this.Guidance is available:

The following are some of the key points to consider that will be discussed before residents return to site.

  Your own Social Distancing in the workplace measures – Government Guidance is available (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19)

  How many people?

  Any changes to work patterns – Needed for site security etc.

  Eating & Drinking arrangements

  Any additional cleaning requirements?

  Do you require any other SOG resources?

  Need to report Suspected / Confirmed cases of COVID-19

a.       Deep clean will be chargeable and will not cover communal areas

b.      Stop risk of spread to others

  Face Coverings – Policies / waste management