Alison from the Community Team at the Heath has been on a campaign to highlight the use of plastics specifically targeting milk cartons. So before she took them to be recycled she found an alternative use for them.

So over to Alison with the story:

Thank you to The Heath Café ( especially the ever-cheerful Lesley) for saving bin bags full of 2 litre plastic milk cartons ! They’ve been put to good use …

You wouldn’t imagine that plastic milk cartons could somehow help education around the Arctic but that’s been the case at Scarisbrick Hall School’s Nursery called Beautiful Beginnings .

A young trainee early years practitioner there, Miss Molly Costello, has painstakingly collected 374 milk cartons in order to construct a child-size igloo to help the nursery children imagine life in an igloo and appreciate its ingenious construction. She sent out a request via WhatsApp and The Heath, along with friends and family, stepped up and provided milk cartons.

That was the easy part .

Poor Molly then had a double rinsing, draining and drying routine which fed dry, empty bottles into a construction process .

Amazingly, there wasn’t a cheesy smell as it was being constructed – which was quite fortunate and important as the igloo was constructed in Molly’s family home in the kitchen over the Christmas period .

Now that’s determination and dedication !

She started from a cardboard base , building up rings and using almost her own body weight in glue-sticks . It wasn’t always a well-behaved structure : getting the cartons to stick and stay was difficult and then when it was time to set off for the classroom in Molly’s car, it came apart where it wasn’t supposed to .

While the family said a cheery goodbye and more likely good riddance, Molly then reconstructed the igloo in the classroom . When the little ones stepped into the classroom to start their new topic, ‘Can We Explore it?:The Arctic,’ their little faces of shock and huge smiles of enthusiasm were worth every single glue-gun burn .

They’ve just started a safari so the plastic cartons will be reused for model making and a safari jeep made from large cardboard boxes is currently making its journey to Scarisbrick while the Costello family once again can briefly celebrate seeing the floor again .

As those of you who are teachers , have been teachers or live with teachers , already know, this isn’t unusual . So much happens outside school hours in order to bring alive the school day and make lessons a must-see window on the world. It takes time, resourcefulness, a sheer love of children and an expectation of the best opportunities for their learning .

Well done to Molly , Molly’s family and all teachers out there who go the extra mile for our children .