Alongside some encouraging news this morning its a good time to share behind the scenes activity at The Heath Gym.

Mark and the Gym Team have been redecorating as part of welcome back preparations.

Without any official re-opening dates it was decided that a re-opening plan should be implemented to make sure The Gym was in top condition for getting out of the blocks when an official date was confirmed.

Some good news being circulated in the national press this morning is indicating it could be just a matter of days before The Gym can re-open.

If you want to get in some last minute online exercises you can visit our Gym Page for all the exercises we’ve been releasing over the last 3 months

The Heath Gym is ready and looking forward to welcoming back its existing and new members.

Please be patient and a date will be posted here as soon as it’s been officially confirmed.

A new workout routine !!!

You wont be asked to bring a paintbrush, thats all been done.