An ingenious use of a disused milk carton. This looks great fun.

Thanks to Alison from the Community Team once again for her crafting skills.

Having 2 sons, Star Wars was a compulsory part of our family memories so I couldn’t help notice the triangular patch on the bottle which reminded me of Darth Vader . 

I like a challenge ! What turned out is nowhere near perfect but it was fun and occupied another few hours of lockdown limbo . 

I cut one bottle into 2 pieces, just below the triangular patch under the handle and also cut off the rim of the neck just to make the top flatter . 

Using this cut-off bottom part, (the outer hood part), I cut away a front opening mimicking the shape as far as possible – wider at the bottom, slight dip front centre between the tops of his eyes . 

I only used part of the second bottle . I needed to make the hood of the helmet longer and flare out slightly. I cut off the bottom half of this second bottle then cut away the front and also cut away the base  leaving a very slight curved edge . This gave me a sort of u-shape of plastic to wrap around the lower part of the hood. 

Turning both lower halves upside down , glue gun the open u shaped part onto the helmet’s lower edge .   I angled the two front edges of this glued joint downwards to make the sides of the helmet splay out slightly . 

In order to further widen the helmet, I cut a long piece of stiff card, folded it double and glued it into the inside back of the helmet . 

I practised drawing DV’s face on the helmet with a wipe off pen so I wouldn’t get it totally wrong later on. 

Next, I painted the inside and outside of the hood part and the outside of the head with black acrylic paint . I left the top of the head unpainted in the hope that the glue would adhere better when the two pieces are joined. 

Almost there – glued the hood onto the head . 

Finally, I drew the eyes again with wipe off marker ( no Intentions of wiping it off but it’s more subtle ) then painted the highlights with pale grey paint – adding a tiny dab of black to a larger blob of white .  The three silver corners of the triangle grill were painted in silver acrylic paint .

Ta dah ! No idea what I’ll use it for but I had fun.