Congratulations on completing the C25K challenge, especially during the social distancing restrictions of Coronavirus.

I hope by now you have all been able to successfully complete your 5K run.

This is a great accomplishment and it’s really important that you set yourself a new goal to build on your achievement.

Below are some possible ideas that you might want to consider to help you plan your next goal although some may not be possible until social distancing rules of the Lockdown are relaxed.

Sign up for a 5K race

This is probably the most obvious thing to do. It’s a great way to put your training to the test. There is such a great feeling to be had from crossing the finishing line of a run and receiving your finisher’s medal.

Join Parkrun

Parkrun is a collection of 5K events held in 22 countries including many locations in the UK. The events are free to join and open to all abilities. Locally they are held every Saturday morning at Phoenix Park in Runcorn and Victoria Park in Widnes.

Join a Running Club or Group

A Running Club will provide the opportunity for you to run with other like-minded individuals. It’s a really social experience and you can gain value knowledge from the Run Leaders. There are a number of Running Clubs and Groups in the area including The Heath Running Group that meets at The Heath Business and Technical Park.

Train for 10K

If you have enjoyed the structure of the C25K programme there are a number of 5K to 10K running apps available.

Run a faster 5K

You might want to continue with the 5K distance but improve your time. There are a number of ways you can work on your speed to increase your pace such as Fartlek, Hill Sprints, Interval Training and Tempo Running.

Run more often

Throughout the C25K you have been running 3 times per week. You may want to increase the number of runs you do to improve your endurance, stamina and pace. Be careful though not to over do it! 

“Whatever you decide to do the most important thing is that you continue to exercise, continue to enjoy it and continue to smash your goals.”