Their recent open day helped to support our community – heres Adam Lawrenson dealing with some of the side effects of a Lockdown Life.

On the 6th February 2021, Fields Physiotherapy Clinic, Runcorn, offered the residents of Halton a free physiotherapy appointment. The purpose of this was to allow the community to access a face to face consultation with a medical professional, as it has been recognised that since March 2020, people have been struggling to arrange appointments with their GP’s. It was recognised during the consultations that so many people voiced concerns over issues they have been suffering from, but with extensive waiting lists or scared to attend A&E, people have been left with no other option but to suffer. 

Therefore, as a team we wanted to be able to give the community an opportunity to seek medical advice to determine if their issues could be managed with physiotherapy, or whether they needed further investigations.  

During the day, we saw 10 patients who all reported of pain that was affecting their quality of life. Most conditions we saw were a consequence of either working from home or taking up exercise during lockdown. An example of the conditions we saw were painful knees, this was due to starting a home exercise programme such as running, but without the appropriate muscle strength and biomechanics that would facilitate this. Additionally, we saw neck and shoulder pain due to working from home without the correct ergonomics. Thankfully, all the conditions that presented to us did not need onward referrals and they could all be managed with precise physiotherapy interventions such as manual therapy and a specific home exercise regime.  

Since we have held the clinic, we have had such positive feedback reporting how they feel relieved that their conditions can be managed without needing unnecessary scans, surgery or medication. People have also reported how they feel that they have been listened to in a 30-minute appointment rather than a short conversation with their GP’s. 

We are grateful that we have had the opportunity to support the community in these unprecedented times, and we hope that we can continue to provide expert advice and support to the residents of Halton.  

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