No one knew how COVID19 would affect us at Arvia Technology.

Would people still need to remove hazardous chemicals from their wastewater during lockdown … well it turns out they did.

We have had problems getting some supplies and our kit to the right places but on the whole we have been pleasantly surprised at how much we have achieved in the last few months.

We have clinched a deal with the world’s second largest semiconductor chip maker, SK Hynix and we are making good headway with others in the same sector.

We have sold two pilot plants in China to big players in the petrochem and chemical industries and another to a famous textile company in France.

It has been very different with most of the company having to work from home but we have kept spirits high with a fortnightly ‘Fika’ where the whole company shares a Zoom call with afternoon tea and a quiz.

We are looking forward to being back together but that’s probably a few months away still. 

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