A message from Alison our community champion

I’ve done dry January and sober October this year but now I’m doing Liver for Life. I’ve reached the age where I need to help my body as much as possible to look after itself. Thankfully, I’ve never been a big drinker although I was in the boat-race drinking team at college as it turns out I can do a pint of mild in one and have done a yard of ale one very thirsty holiday. I didn’t even like the taste of strong alcohol when I was younger. Certainly, spirits didn’t interest me. I suppose I’m more of a social drinker.

The danger there is that part of the pleasure is having a drink in your hand and if it tastes like pop – as my favourites, the fruity gins do – then it’s more like a thirst-quenching drink.  While I still like gins and mojitos, I’ve discovered a non-alcoholic alternative which is great at home because it looks and feels like a ‘drink drink’ but is alcohol free. Since the fruity cocktails and gins seem to cover the flavour of alcohol so often why not omit it in the first place, save a few pennies, dodge the hangover and still have that, ‘I’m relaxing with a drink,’ feeling?

Non-alcoholic Mojito

Tonic – any flavour or flavourless,

Robinsons crushed lime and mint cordial

Handful of washed fresh mint

Couple of slices of fresh lime


Large gin glass

Blueberries – optional

Pour the cordial into your glass, a third of the volume,

Add ice – I add quite a lot

Top up with tonic  ( I use 2 little tins from Lidl)

Squeeze a small handful of mint, say 2-3 sprigs, with leaves still on, and put into the glass, pushing down amongst the ice,

Add the lime and a few blueberries to decorate

Hey presto, a non-alcoholic drink that honestly tastes to me like the real deal but without any of the negatives.

Tonic water may even be good for you.  Although there isn’t any scientific evidence, it’s believed that the quinine in tonic water could help prevent restless leg syndrome and night cramps.

Alternatives: Any other cordial can be substituted. I like the rhubarb cordial from IKEA and do a straight swap. I still add the mint etc. It works for me- it’s still the same comfort, holding the bowl-like glass and listening to the ice clink, crack and crackle.