HeathLive is a community content website to encourage relationships through an online platform. Health & Wellbeing are at the heart of our principles. We are based at The Heath Business & Technical Park – a key hub for Halton, part of the Liverpool City Region.

We hope you can join us in strengthening business & social communities here at The Heath

Health & Unity

Dear Friends and Residents of The Heath Business and Technical Park

As we all struggle to come to terms with the devastating consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic, scientific research being undertaken by many businesses based at The Heath is playing a critical role in the fight to combat the COVID-19 Virus.

The Heath Business and Technical Park was originally formed as a centre of business excellence but aligned to this we have, over the years, also become a key interface for our local community.

As such, The Heath has grown into a community where our facilities can be accessed not only by those working at the many businesses located here but also by our friends and neighbours who live close to our site. 

The Heath Community of Family and Friends provide entertainment and social interaction to a vast range of people including:

  • Toddlers and families attending our Creche
  • The Olderbutwiser organisation who attend our Tea-dances
  • Our ‘Nifty Fifties’ club
  • Our Gym and Leisure Suite members
  • Our Slimmer’s World classes
  • Our Football and Jiu Jitsu club

We are immensely proud of the important contribution we make to local community life, helping to encourage health and well-being and providing spaces for functions that combat loneliness.

HeathLive is a great new interactive website where we are keeping community alive for The Heath’s Family and Friends.

You will be able to interact through HeathLive with your friends, neighbours, family and invited guests to communicate with each other and keep in touch.

There are tips on exercise and dance; healthy eating ideas; positive stimulus through interactive music and comedy; daily ‘celebrity’ messages and we’re even providing a platform on HeathLive where you can post your own fun films and messages.  

HeathLive is very much your community website which we hope to see evolve through your ideas and creativity.

We want to hear from you, our Heath Community, so let’s have any news, film, photos or stories — be it related to business, social or leisure: HeathLive wants to hear from you!