Ian Williams is the site accommodation services manager here at The Heath. Ian joined the company working in our old sister site Londoneast-UK around 5 years ago. Once Londoneast-UK was sold back in February 2019 Ian came on board with SOG training up to take the role he currently holds. Ian spent previous working life as a manager in the print industry.

Family man Ian has three children Carly, Martin and Chloe with his wife Julie, his son Martin works on site at The Heath organising the engineering administration in the workshops. Ian also has one grandson, James affectionately nicknamed Jim!

Ian is also a very talented singer and in his spare time is an Elvis tribute act – A date with Elvis. Renowned as one of the best around Ian has taken his act on tour with Ken Dodd. Also selling out shows to crowds of over 1500 people in the Isle of Man. Have a listen to his act here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqNh_AyYdY0

Have a look below at Ian’s Favourite 5 and please send in your own 5 favourite clips – music, movie, comedy or general entertainment.

Gentle on my mind – Glen Campbell

Why: It was a country song that just stood out when I was growing up Glen Campbell is one of the most talented and underrated artists in my opinion. This is my favourite song of all time it just reminds me of my family.

You raise me up – Josh Groban

Why: It is a song that reminds me of my very dear mum who really loved the lyrics of this song which are very poignant, emotional and uplifting.

Folsom Prison Blues (Live in Folsom Prison) – Johnny Cash

Why: When I was growing up my mum’s brother Allan gave me the album and asked me to look after it for him this was in 1968 I still have it to this day it is a classic album and a brilliant opening song to the concert, 2 years later in 1970 I would get to meet Johnny Cash in person on stage in Manchester, but that’s another story.

Swing – Japan (from the Gentleman take Polaroids album)

Why: When I left school in 1979 the new romantic music was in its infancy and Japans musical style just grabbed my attention, they were cool and stylish they just remind of my youth going to town with my friends just a great time of my life.

It’s now or never – Elvis Presley

Why: This is my favourite Elvis song, it just shows Elvis wonderful voice in all its majestic glory. A song that was often played whilst my mum was doing housework, it was a song that just stuck with me, and has done ever since, never dreamed I would become an Elvis Tribute act but that’s another story.