Charles Sweeney works part time here at The Heath tending to labouring tasks on site projects and is happy to help anyone with anything. He also works for Liverpool Football Club serving the James Milner family in their box on match days at Anfield, and as part of the catering team at Liverpool’s training ground Melwood and has often had his lunch next to the Manager Jurgen Klopp. I think every Liverpool FC fan would love the opportunity to sit around that table.

Charles is a big fan of sport; he likes to play football, golf, table tennis and has an open water diving accreditation which means he spends some of his holiday time scuba diving but given the opportunity will give any sport a try.

Another side to his life, Charles is also an accomplished musician himself studying music at the world famous LIPA University in Liverpool. On completing his three year course there Charles was fortunate enough to receive his degree from Sir Paul McCartney in the flesh and shook his hand, something I think every big Beatles fan dreams of. Charles has played all around the country and a few gigs abroad as part of big bands, orchestras and as part of brass sections in function groups which probably reflects in his ‘Favourite 5’ selections below.

MacArthur Park – Maynard Ferguson

MacArthur Park is a song written by Jimmy Web sung by Richard Harris. However, Maynard Ferguson’s big band instrumental is what I prefer. As a trumpet player I am in awe of Maynard’s ridiculously high trumpet playing, but as a song I am a fan of different forms of jazz and big band.

American Trilogy – Elvis

Elvis’s American trilogy has a military style instrumentation throughout, which I like without being a brass band. The song also generates a lot of energy even though it has a slow tempo and it gives a sense of anticipation.

Soul Man – Blues Brothers

Soul man is originally sung by Sam and Dave however, my favourite is the Blues Brother’s version. The brass and the horn section add great energy with great horn lines. The band gives the song a catchy foot tapping beat which compliments Jake and Elwood’s great vocals.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is an all-time classic and one of the world’s best songs! There is so many different elements to the song which make it continuously exciting.

Pencil Full of Lead – Paolo Nutini

Pencil full of lead is a fun and easy listening song. The introduction to the song starts with a muted trumpet which is good fun and one of my favourite parts of the song.