A cross section that hopefully has a least one to take your fancy.

I’d happily re-watch any of them, so why not try a lucky dip.

As Good As It Gets

Its like Scrooge but turned upto 11 then a road movie thrown-in, to go completely outrageous.

Lead actors all won oscars and No pets were harmed.


Great road movie with a beautiful end wedding scene scored by Pat Metheny

Look for it (not sure where you’ll find it) but its definitely worth the effort.

The Big Short

A breathtaking reminder of being blinkered by greed and the painful outfall when the financial bubble burst.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Some light relief and an hilarious twist on the “Cabin in the Woods” style teen slasher.


Some glorious science fiction and hope for the future, even if it is just fantasy.

Thats all Folks !