We hope all our members are as excited as we are to announce that the gym will reopen at 9.00am on Saturday 25th July 2020.

We have been doing lots of work in the gym over the last few weeks to ensure that everything is clean and organised. The gym has benefited from being repainted. It looks really bright and fresh and we will be sharing photos of the new look over the next few days on social media. The gym has also had a deep clean.

In addition to this, a new ventilation system is to be installed in the coming weeks.

The safety of all our members and staff is our number one priority.

Following Government guidance, we have put into place a number of new procedures, to keep the gym a safe environment for our members to exercise in.

We are asking members to familiarise themselves with the new steps ahead of their return to the gym. Although there will be posters around the gym to help remind members about the new steps required to keep the gym a safe place.

Gym Capacity

Fortunately we do not need to introduce a booking in system to use the gym. We have moved equipment around the gym and into the Studio to adhere to social distancing requirements whilst making it as accessible as possible for everyone. Although, we don’t expect the number of members using any of the areas at any one time to exceed these limits.

The capacity limits for each area within the gym are as follows:

  • Main gym – 13,
  • Studio gym – 11
  • Ladies gym – 3 (as the door to this gym must remain open until the new ventilation system is installed it will be a mixed gym)
  • Weights room – 4

Shower Facilities

We are encouraging members to come to the gym ready to exercise and to shower at home. The changing rooms will be available but we need to restrict the usage to 4 members at any one time. Two showers will be available in each changing room but members will need to clean the shower before and after use.

Booking In

On arrival all monthly paying members will require to swipe in using their membership card at Reception. If the membership card is not available the member must speak to a member of staff to gain access to the gym. All Pay As You Go gym and class members must give their details at Reception to sign in.

The spend limit for card payments has been removed and we encourage members to pay by card to restrict the handling of cash.

Moving Around

A one way system has been installed and floor markings used to ensure members remember to keep their distance. As there are some small corridors in the gym where members may have to pass one another we ask that one member “gives way” and waits until the other member has passed by to avoid close crossing. We would also advise members to pass each other back to back.

Cleaning & Sanitisation

A number of hand sanitiser gel dispensers have been installed in each room for the use of members. One is situated in Reception and members must sanitise their hands on arrival and it is encouraged to wash your hands before leaving the gym.

Members should remember that wiping sweat from their face could potentially lead to the virus being passed from their hands to their face. Members are advised not to shout as it can propel droplets further and they should try not to talk to each other face to face but to one side of each other.

As members must wipe down their equipment before and after use extra cleaning stations have been added around the gym.

Cleaning of equipment has always been encouraged as a sign of courtesy but now it is ESSENTIAL. Members should spray the disinfectant onto a paper towel and not straight onto the equipment as the spray could dislodge anything sitting on the surface and send it into the air. All parts of the equipment should be wiped not just the areas held or touched. Members should wait 20 to 30 seconds after wiping the equipment before using it to allow the disinfectant to work, dry and ensure that surfaces are not slippery to use. Care should be taken around screens and power supply. Members are advised to clean the bottom of any personal items such as mobile phones and water bottles that are placed on the equipment.

The gym has also increased the frequency of cleaning to ensure the gym remains as clean as possible.


Classes will restart from Monday 27th July 2020. A revised Timetable is below I know that some members will be disappointed that we have had to temporarily cancel some classes for a short period of time.

Capacity: Some class sizes have had to be reduced to maintain social distancing.

To reserve a place on the Nifty Fifty’s on Tuesday 28th July 2020 and Thursday 30th July 2020 and Boot Camp on Wednesday 29th July 2020 members need to contact the gym by Friday 24th July 2020. Members will be able to book a place on subsequent Nifty Fifty’s and Boot Camp classes with the Trainer at the end of each class.

We request that if members are unable to attend a class they provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation so that the place can be offered to any potential members on a reserve list.

Based on current demand, equipment needs and the changes to venue there will be no need, at the stage, to introduce a booking system for all other classes.

Location: All classes will be held in the Events Hall and access is only available through the gym after checking in at Reception. Every member will have their own training station and members must clean all the equipment provided before and after the class with the cleaning products provided. We would ask that wherever possible members attended Meta Fit, Pilates or Yoga bring their own mat.

Once the new ventilation system is installed in September we will be able to move all the equipment back into the gym, increase the number of members allowed in the Weights Room, return the Ladies gym to Ladies only and increase the number of members able to use it too.

Opening & Closing Times

The gym will be open from 9.00am till 6.00pm on Saturday 25th July 2020 and from 9.00am till 3.00pm on Sunday 26th July 2020. The extended open hours over the first weekend should help to alleviate any potential overcrowding from members keen to restart their exercise. From Monday 27th July 2020 the normal pre lockdown opening hours will be reinstated.


Members will need to speak to a member of staff to complete a new Standing Order form. Payments will commence from the first day of the month following their return to the gym. Payment for membership for the period prior to the Standing Order starting can be made at Reception.

Members on the 3 or 12 month package will have any period of membership outstanding on 21st March 2020 honoured from Saturday 25th July 2020.

We will be constantly reviewing our new arrangements to ensure that access to the gym and classes is as easy as possible and that we are effectively managing the gym capacity. Naturally if any additional measures become necessary to keep our members safe they will be put in place promptly.

And Finally …

Please remember to practise social distancing at all times and stay at least 2m apart. All members and gym staff should work together to follow this guidance to keep everyone in the gym safe.

If you experience any possible or confirmed coronavirus symptoms you must follow the guidance from the NHS (

If you need any further information on the new arrangements or how they will work please contact the gym.

We look forward to see all our returning members and welcoming new members to The Heath Leisure Suite.

Mark McGrath.