‘Life is like a garden- you only get out of it, what you put into it.’

That’s what my lovely Mum used to tell me. It’s still relevant every day.  Now that a potentially flat Hallowe’en is coming up, we can either dodge it, moan about it or just embrace it.  If you’re planning on creating a fun-themed atmosphere in your house for the children or for any adults who are doing Stay Sober for October ( Macmillan Support Services fund-raiser) then read on.

I’ve tried out a few recipes for alcohol-free, ‘Spooktails’ and I’d like to share with you which children can mostly manage themselves.  I’ve tried to keep it simple. Who’s got time to go and get 47 specialist ingredients that are going to end up down the plughole or tossed in the poor pot plant?

I planned on going to a couple of supermarkets but ended up getting everything at my nearest shop, LIDL.

Enjoy it while you write a spell….

Eye of a newt, wing of a bat,

Toe of a frog and hair of a cat,

Turn my brother into a rat!


Vimto fruit cordial

Hallowe’en Vampire Fangs

½ a cup of frozen or fresh raspberries and/ or strawberries.


  • Defrost the fruit if frozen. When defrosted, mash with a fork or in a pestle and mortar until it is a gloopy slime consistency. This is your congealed blood.
  • Pour Vimto cordial into the bottom of the glass and dilute with water.
  • The fangs from LIDL were oval shaped so make one cut at the edge of the mouth and hook over the edge of the glass.
  • Dribble your congealed blood on the fangs and down the side of the glass- you may need to serve it on a saucer to keep adults happy.
  • You can also float some of the congealed blod on the surface so that your victim has to drink the Vimto through the gloop. Lovely!