One of our partners “Next Up Comedy“, the digital comedy club renowned as the ‘Netflix of Live Comedy’, is staging a virtual festival throughout July to spread some much-needed laughter after Covid-19 decimated the world of live events

Sarah Henley, co-founder of NextUp, joked: “We’re billing this as the ‘biggest’ comedy festival of 2020, mainly because everything else has been cancelled!  But seriously, this is a fabulous feast of stand-up comedy. We’ve got 31 comedians performing on our virtual stage in a series of 50-minute nightly shows throughout July.  Our aim is to give audiences the closest thing to a live comedy festival as possible with a huge variety of comedy styles – some great names you’ll know and some brilliant rising stars to discover.”

Checkout the full Festival details below:

Sarah Henley

Throughout the pandemic, NextUp has provided platforms for comedians to earn income by streaming performances. NextUp even launched a ‘Heckle the Virus’ Crowdfunding initiative which raised over £120,000 to soften the impact of live events being cancelled and venues shutting.